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More than 100,000 copies of Wilderness Basics have been sold over the years, and this new edition will continue as a training staple for those wanting to build their outdoor skills. Updates to this new edition include:

  • Outdoor Ethics — latest Leave No Trace practices
  • Conditioning — completely rewritten, with targeted advice for certain health conditions * Outfitting — updates on planning your pack weight, water treatment methods, expanded tent and sleeping system info
  • Foods and Cooking — new information on how to not dirty a pot, in-the-bag cooking, and Dutch oven cooking
  • Navigation — completely updated, including information on adjusted declination compasses Backcountry First Aid — the latest wilderness first aid info, first aid kit materials, and information on the Hantavirus and West Nile Virus
  • Winter Adventures — added information on predicting changes in back-country weather

Made in United States