Ranger Station Roll-On Cologne

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Santalum: Smoking sandalwood and supple tanned leather combine with the slight spice of cardamom to create this sophisticated scent.

Sandalwood + Bergamot: The intensely earthy scent of sandalwood + bergamot is wildly aromatic but also subtle, with a mellow, woodsy finish. Like a well-worn linen shirt aged to perfection by sun and smoke, the scent is woven together with the deep-forest spice of redwood and vetiver and the clean, bright notes of white musk and citrus. Scents of Citrus, White Musk, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Redwood, Incense, Smoke.

Tobacco + Musk: Sweet tobacco leaves wrap warm teakwood, spicy vetiver, and earthy sandalwood to create a sophisticated and refined scent.

Oakmoss: Fresh and earthy greens from the forest floor, together with the slightest warmth of pure amber, create an altogether natural spring of morning dew.

High Horse: Boasting one of the freshest scent profiles in the ranger station collection, High Horse is ready to carry you up to your next mountaintop. Notes of citrus and patchouli will keep you calm, cool and collected as you ride, while a base of cedarwood and musk hold steady like the ground beneath you - grab your spurs and hop in the saddle, because it’s all up from here.

Leather + Pine: A morning dew, on worn-in leather, pairs with the northern pine to create both an earthy and calming scent.

Jordan's Perfume: A love letter in fragrance form, Jordan’s Perfume was created as a birthday gift from Ranger Station's Founder and Perfumer, Steve, to his wife and Ranger Station Co-Founder, Jordan. Scents of sandalwood, ambergris, cedarwood, rose, jasmine.

Oud Ranch: Spicy and resinous, Oud Ranch is our unique take on a Palo Santo type scent; it rebels against the typical by bringing out a dry and smoky quality in the classic fragrance. Inspired by a chance encounter in a small coffee shop in Peru which set in motion the continual exploration and study of materials that carries through everything we do. Scents of Palo Santo, Oud Wood, Cedar, Pepper.

Speak Easy: Speak Easy was designed with a night out in mind; for the times when friends and loved ones are held close, and the worries of the world seem a little further away. Think: a birthday dinner party, an anniversary weekend getaway, or a night out with friends (and without kids). It's the feeling of sitting back after a great meal and finishing a glass of wine over a conversation you don't want to end. It's something special; maybe even something we wish was "the everyday" - but if it were really every day, then it wouldn't be so special anymore, would it? Scents of cedar, vanilla bitters, demerara, sandalwood, musk.

  • 10ml Paraben-free
  • Hand mixed to order in Nashville, TN USA
  • Highest quality fragrance and essential oils