Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

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The best and last grilling gloves you'll ever buy. These extra long gloves made primarily of premium leather, but with some added materials to create the ultimate heat resistant grilling glove. Handmade in Hungary from an Austrian design, making these a truly European product.

Start with the flame resistant Kevlar lining and thread. Then add a layer of Fireblock leather on the forearms for added heat and fire resistance. There are areas between the fingers and on the palms of black goatskin to add mobility and dexterity. The palms consist of digital leather for a one-of-a-kind feel with additional protection from a layer of heat resistant felt. Your fingers will be free to move while your wrists and forearms will be protected.

Extremely durable, heavy duty, and incredibly comfortable with lots dexterity for fine motor movements. Available in two sizes, medium and large.