Assorted Sendero Brand Stickers

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"Close" Sticker:

They say “close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, but the similarities between the two don’t end there. They’re both bad activities for first dates, inappropriate stocking stuffers, and good conversation starters in the grocery store.  3.3" x 3.00" vinyl die-cut sticker.

"Shootin' Hand" Sticker:

Old western proverb: never drink with your shooting hand. The guy that figured that out didn't write it, by the way.  3.5" x 2.74" vinyl die-cut, matte sticker.

"So Bueno" Sticker:

Everything’s cool, it’s alright, no need to stress. So far, so bueno.  3" x 3" vinyl die-cut sticker.

"Thunderbird" Sticker:

High quality stickers from Sendero Provisions Co. 3" x 3" vinyl die-cut, matte sticker.

"Velicowrangler" Sticker:

The velicowrangler is a cowboy unlike any other. He rides the fierce and mighty velociraptor, a prehistoric creature that none have dared to tame. Believe it or not, he once told us the secret to taming a velociraptor is quality chips and salsa. Show up with pace and try passing it off as salsa… well, ask ol’ one handed john how that turned out. He’s a master of the lasso, the darling of ladies, and the boss of the watering hole. Some say he was born in the wrong era because velociraptors are 75 million years old and not real, others say that he’s a true cowboy of the future because of his inclusive choice of steed… but one thing’s for sure - the velicowrangler is a sight to behold! Especially when he’s sharing a bowl of sala with that honery ol’ raptor.  3" x 4" vinyl die-cut sticker.