Assorted Sendero Brand Stickers

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"Close" Sticker:

They say “close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, but the similarities between the two don’t end there. They’re both bad activities for first dates, inappropriate stocking stuffers, and good conversation starters in the grocery store.  3.3" x 3.00" vinyl die-cut sticker.

"Shootin' Hand" Sticker:

Old western proverb: never drink with your shooting hand. The guy that figured that out didn't write it, by the way.  3.5" x 2.74" vinyl die-cut, matte sticker.

"So Bueno" Sticker:

Everything’s cool, it’s alright, no need to stress. So far, so bueno.  3" x 3" vinyl die-cut sticker.

"Thunderbird" Sticker:

High quality stickers from Sendero Provisions Co. 3" x 3" vinyl die-cut, matte sticker.

"Velicowrangler" Sticker:

The velicowrangler is a cowboy unlike any other. He rides the fierce and mighty velociraptor, a prehistoric creature that none have dared to tame. Believe it or not, he once told us the secret to taming a velociraptor is quality chips and salsa. Show up with pace and try passing it off as salsa… well, ask ol’ one handed john how that turned out. He’s a master of the lasso, the darling of ladies, and the boss of the watering hole. Some say he was born in the wrong era because velociraptors are 75 million years old and not real, others say that he’s a true cowboy of the future because of his inclusive choice of steed… but one thing’s for sure - the velicowrangler is a sight to behold! Especially when he’s sharing a bowl of sala with that honery ol’ raptor.  3" x 4" vinyl die-cut sticker.

"Bad to the Bone" Sticker

This is the sticker for the people who eat the meat and throw out the bones. It’s a celebration of hitting the white bass run with your friends and frying your cares away. Grab your fly rod, crack open a Lone Star, and get to it * 3.75" x 3" * Vinyl Die-Cut, Matte Sticker

"Ride or Die" Sticker:

For some folks, a ride on the back of a bull lasts 8 seconds. Some don’t make it out of the gate. Hell, some never even stepped foot in the arena to begin with. Still, for just a few others, the ride lasts the rest of their lives. Is this a metaphor? Maybe, we’re not entirely sure. All we know is that we’re holding on, cause if you ain’t ridin’ you’re dyin’.

"Tied Flies" Sticker:

Sendero’s Hand Tied Flies! Best flies this side of the Mississippi… cause who even bothers fishin’ on the other? We've got flies so realistic, you'd swear they were spun by Mother Nature herself.  If you like our selection of flies, then you’ll love the size of the fish we claim they catch. Pull up a chair and listen to the old timers. They’ll tell ya a story or two.

"Leroy Brown" Sticker:

Bad, bad Leroy Brown Baddest trout in the whole damn river? That doesn't rhyme... we'll just put it on a sticker. * 3.75" x 3.33" * Vinyl Die-Cut, Matte Sticker

"Good Clean Fun" Sticker:

High quality stickers from Sendero Provisions Co. * 3" x 3.49" * Vinyl Die-Cut, Matte Sticker

"Pronghorn" Sticker:

Legend has it that long ago, before the East met the West, the Pronghorn challenged The Mighty Wind to a race across the American West. As the story goes, the Wind roared, billowed, and hissed- determined to prove that no land animal could ever reign supreme. Yet with grace and finesse, the Pronghorn glided across the Great Basin, over the Rocky Mountains, through the High Plains, and down the Flint Hills, its hooves barely touching the earth. The race lasted a full day and night, but by the time the Wind had reached what would one day be Missouri, the Pronghorn was there waiting. To this day, when the wind whispers through the prairie, if you listen closely, you can hear the echoes of that legendary race.

"Bird Hunter" Sticker:

Grab the guns and load up the dogs - it’s bird season! We think you’ll agree, hunting for birds is a fine excuse to get outside and enjoy the natural wild.

"Fast Horse: Sticker:

In the dusty ol’ Western town of Frontiersville, folks live by a simple code. It's a place where sharp tongues clash and tempers flare like wildfire. You can be as wild as a bucking bronco, as grumpy as a rattlesnake, or as mean as a cactus in a drought, but you live by the unspoken rule. Cause in Frontiersville, words cut deeper than a cowboy's spurs. Here it's words not lead that flies like bullets. You stare down double entendres not double barrels. So while you might have the freedom to speak your mind in Frontiersville, ya better make damn sure that horse's fast.

"Jackalope" Sticker:

The story of the infamous Jackalope is long and fabled. It's been said that you can entice Jackalopes with whiskey. That they can imitate a human’s voice and enjoy a good campfire sing along- they always register a tenor, which is notable. And that back in the day when the Jackalope was first established in North America, the high plains weren’t the friendly place we all know and love today. Famous publications such as the Casper-Star Tribune advised any-a-field walker to cover their legs with cast iron stovepipes so that they might avoid the grizzly fate of being gored to death at the shins by these fluffy hellspawn. Now I know what you’re thinkin’… That's just crazy. Jackalopes aren't real. Well, next time you're at your camp fire and you're joined by a random chorus of tenors, don't say we didn't told ya.

"King Pursuit" Sticker:

"Well, Bye" Sticker:

"Yeehaw" Sticker:

It was a matter of time till we put this on a sticker.. can we just call it what it is and then we don't have to write something catchy about it?